Konica Minolta's Business Innovation Centres (BIC)


Konica Minolta's Business Innovation Centres (BIC)

Posted by: Paul Cummings
Posted on: 24 March, 2017

DME wanted to be involved in areas of this industry that went beyond PHOTOCOPIERS. Whilst they still are and will continue to be an important part of the majority of our customers office technology, it was DME’s desire to be able to provide a smooth transition to the next innovation of products for when any and all of our customers were ready to take that step. In looking at Konica Minolta’s Business Innovation Centre (BIC) it is clear that they have the products and we have the experience to help take that first or next step. Let’s take a look at the BIC.

Business Innovation Centres (BIC)

The next evolution of a global enterprise, Konica Minolta's BICs operate as startups within the business. They embody the sustained, customer-centric innovation and continuous transformation of Konica Minolta and its 150 year legacy.

The Vision

The BICs’ mission is to gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ needs and deliver the greatest value to the world, passionately working through the entire lifecycle of new business development from ideation to actual business.

Closely collaborating with a diverse range of entities, such as academic institutes, research institutes, partner companies, and startups, the work of the BIC teams become the co-innovations for our customers and ourselves. We strongly believe that the open and collaborative innovation will brighten our future daily life and workplace.

Under our Brand Proposition “Giving Shape to Ideas,” the BIC's aim to contribute to a better society by creating and delivering new values to the world.

BIC Global Website

Local Innovation through the Asia-Pacific BIC

The Asia-Pacific BIC was first launched in January 2014. Based in Singapore, the team have worked on a number of exciting initiatives in a range of different industries.

Here are some of our Australian-based ventures:

Anna CaresTM


Meet Anna, an intelligent virtual assistant

A powerful and fun assistive technology connecting patients with their families and caregivers. Anna is not a computer game, but a new way of communicating and interacting with clients, supported by scientific research and breakthrough technology. See the Anna Cares video here.


A cutting edge solution for electronic medical records

Klinify helps doctors and hospitals go digital without changing their workflow. It helps preserve the thought process of each doctor as far as possible and leverage on technology to meet the data management needs of a hospital administration.

Care Support Solution

Caregiving through sensor technology

A revolution in caregiving through sensor technology combined with image recognition technology & ICT. The Care Support Solution uses high-accuracy detection as well as smartphones, creating a new way to leverage information and optimise the way caregivers do their work.

Use our experience and expertise

Document Management Experts strive to be the better option for your business. We've been around long enough to know that the "Big Copier Companies" are OK at product, service of that product and some account management - if you get a good one. In our experience they are found lacking at many important things.

For example, you may have felt like they tend to….

  • Lose site of you – the customer
  • Simple toner ordering or logging a service call can take a long time and be VERY frustrating
  • Really struggle in getting your invoice right
  • Really struggle in correcting it when you point it out
  • Perform any back office process in a timely manner
  • Not want to speak to you to sort the issue out, rather than lots of emails and frustration.
  • Lock you into contracts for 5 years or big volumes, DME will work with you to find the contract or NO Contract, that suits you best and suits where your company is and the state of the INDUSTRY you are in. 
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Perth Printers, Copiers & Managed Print Services

steamline your business

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We are experts in providing print, copy, scan and fax solutions, tailored to your needs. With their ease of use, increased flexibility and security features, the latest range of Konica Minolta products are cost-effective, produce high resolution quality and unparalleled functionality.


DME's complete Managed Print Services keeps your IT staff focused on priorities, reduces print costs, improves productivity and generally enhances the effectiveness of your print environment.

Print Audit

Let us show you where we can save your business time and money. It's time for a company check-up. Let us help your business or organisation be stronger.

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