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Welcome to Document Management Experts - printer and photocopier resellers for Perth, Western Australia businesses and organisations. Document Management Experts (DME) are a group of professionals that care about your total document experience. 

Our mission is to "Uberise" the Document/Copier/MFD industry - that is do what Uber has done for our taxi/trip experience.

Uber, by definition, is ‘an outstanding or supreme example’. Uber was formed in the “Taxi World” because there was a need. That being, people wanted a better option.

DME – for anything to do with the document. If you want to print it, scan it, copy it, store it, follow it in a work flow, track it or even just find it – DME is your better option.

How much are you spending on Office Printing?

Don’t want to think about the cost of a new photocopier or print solution? Consider this: organisations typically spend between 1 and 3 per cent of their annual revenue on document output. With an honest analysis by DME, businesses can reduce these costs by 15-40 per cent on their current output.

A print audit can help you determine what type of photocopier solutions you need. DME can come to your office and conduct an extensive audit, looking at areas where you may be wasting money unnecessarily.

From this audit, we can determine the best new device, OR reduction of device numbers and print solution for your needs. Available in Perth and Australia-wide, this is a free, no-obligations service that requires very little of your own time.

Let us look into it for you

Audits provide answers

Following an audit from DME, Perth businesses will be able to get answers to the following questions:

  • What are the current operating costs?
  • When should you look at replacing your current products? (We’re focused on providing better customer service, so this is not just an excuse to up-sell a new photocopier.)
  • Would it be more cost-effective to get more machines that are smaller or fewer larger machines?
  • Would there be any issues in the changeover? Are there any additional costs to be aware of?

In essence, we explain how and where the photocopier solutions provided to Perth and Australian businesses can actually save money every time you print.

Furthermore, we can also look at how the impact of changing technology is likely to impact your workflow over the life of your new machines.

Features to save you time and money

Unlike many industry people in Perth and around Australia, we haven’t lost sight of the fact that printing is, for most people, a complex and uninteresting area they’d prefer to ignore.

That’s why we aim to come up with photocopier solutions for Perth and Australian businesses that just simplify your workflow. Some of the aspects we can help you with – or figure out for you – include:

  • The right size and speed of unit
  • What paper delivery/capacity you really need
  • Accessories that may be of use
  • What features may be best suited to your company (versus some of the fun features that sound great but may never get used)
  • What kind of secure printing options you might need

Before you buy a new photocopier/printer/MFD, get a free print audit from Perth’s DME and start saving money every time you print. Organise a consultation today by calling 1300 036392 or email us on

Use our experience and expertise

Document Management Experts strive to be the better option for your business. We've been around long enough to know that the "Big Copier Companies" are OK at product, service of that product and some account management - if you get a good one. In our experience they are found lacking at many important things.

For example, you may have felt like they tend to….

  • Lose site of you – the customer
  • Simple toner ordering or logging a service call can take a long time and be VERY frustrating
  • Really struggle in getting your invoice right
  • Really struggle in correcting it when you point it out
  • Perform any back office process in a timely manner
  • Not want to speak to you to sort the issue out, rather than lots of emails and frustration.
  • Lock you into contracts for 5 years or big volumes, DME will work with you to find the contract or NO Contract, that suits you best and suits where your company is and the state of the INDUSTRY you are in. 
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We are experts in providing print, copy, scan and fax solutions, tailored to your needs. With their ease of use, increased flexibility and security features, the latest range of Konica Minolta products are cost-effective, produce high resolution quality and unparalleled functionality.


DME's complete Managed Print Services keeps your IT staff focused on priorities, reduces print costs, improves productivity and generally enhances the effectiveness of your print environment.

Print Audit

Let us show you where we can save your business time and money. It's time for a company check-up. Let us help your business or organisation be stronger.

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